Bring back the Ziggucamp 2023 sunshine!

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On a gloomy September day, we’re finding ourselves thinking where did our summer go! But this just makes us even more thankful for the glorious sunshine experienced at Ziggucamp 2023, a time we’re going to reminisce on now for you!


This year saw a slightly new site layout following land improvements. Enabling us to station some of our wonderful hot showers and vacuum toilets much closer to those staying in Classic Emperor Tents and nearer to the Ziggu Bar also! Furthermore, a new hedge break made it quicker for guests to move around site and for our luggage concierge to drive you to your accommodation.


Enjoying ourselves at Glastonbury Festival is why we’re all here, so having larger buses and more of them to get our guests into the festival as quickly as possible was a sight to see! Along with our own designated shuttle stop located at Bronze Gate, a 3 minute drive from Ziggucamp, your journey to Pedestrian Gate A will have sped up those festival vibes!


Glastonbury is a festival for all, and here at Ziggucamp we try and do the same with brand new accessible facilities being provided for 2023. Our shuttle service can transport everyone to enjoy the greatest festival on Earth, the introduction of two accessible wet rooms meant hot showers and vacuum toilets were available to all and charging for mobility scooters was available on request. Be sure to reach out to the festival Access Team if you plan on attending future festivals and inform us via e-mail if you have any requirements for your stay at Ziggucamp.


Alongside the ethos of being available to all, a new Ziggu Kids Area was incorporated this year. With our own families and children visiting each year we love to extend the family experience to our guests! Soft play games, a sand pit, mini kid’s tipis, and crafts meant it wasn’t just the adults having all the fun.


Keeping guests fuelled for the five day festival experience can present challenges, but our Street Food Market provided all day meal options with numerous vendors offering up variety and quality in abundance! Catering for dietary requirements and late night orders too, returning from a hard day in the festival to a chocolate crepe or woodfired pizza was a delight!


We want your festival experience to start right here at Ziggucamp, whilst the festival headliners kick off from Friday, we were there to welcome you in from Wednesday with extended entertainment not only in the Ziggu Bar but roaming around site too! With live music on Wednesday and Thursday you didn’t need to wait to get the party started!


Looking back fondly on Ziggucamp 2023 makes us even more excited for the next Glastonbury Festival! We always endeavour to be on sale straight away so you can guarantee your accommodation for next time, this year is no different so check out our 2024 offerings which can be booked now prior to the November ticket sale with a fully refundable 50% deposit!

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