Glastonbury 2023 – Your Guide to Ticket Success

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November. Winter is coming, you’ve had your fill of pumpkin spiced lattes and are still trying to get through the Trick or Treat Halloween sweets, Christmas is in sight with Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé defrosting, but amongst all of that you have a 30-minute window to make your 2023 summer! Glastonbury Festival ticket sale is back!

With that in mind, how can you give yourself the best chance of winning out amongst the masses? Well, look no further than our handy tips and information to getting Glastonbury Festival 2023 tickets:


  1. When is it all going down? And what do I need?

In a change to regular timescales, with traditional ticket sales being in early October, the Glastonbury Festival 2023 ticket sales have been confirmed as Thursday 3rd November at 6pm for coach tickets and Sunday 6th November at 9am for general admission tickets.

To purchase tickets, you need to register with the Festival in advance. This is a one-off process so get it done and you’ll be sorted for future years too, if you’ve already registered then make sure your picture and address is up to date, and if you cannot remember your details then these can be retrieved very simply via the registration link above too.


  1. Set yourself up to win

With tickets guaranteed to sell out, sometimes in as little as 15-30 minutes, you need to be fully prepared before the start times.

Give yourself plenty of time – set your alarm so you can still enjoy that leisurely Sunday morning coffee, a couple of slices of toast and be fully awake to attack ticket sale day!

Commandeer your kid’s iPad – utilising multiple devices has been a tried and tested system over the years so have a few on the go if you can, ensure they’re fully updated and charged up in advance though! Try one on your mobile data, or potentially even head into work for that super-fast fibre optic and different IP addresses.

Keep important information to hand – when you do get through (manifest it and it will happen!) speed and accuracy are pivotal, you’ll be in a race against potentially millions to get your transaction completed first. So, have your registration details clearly written or printed out for quick reference and do the same with your payment information. You may need to authorise the transaction too, so keep mobile/online banking open.


  1. Work as a team

From our point of view this is the key to grabbing those coveted Glastonbury Festival tickets. Having a trusted network of people working together to get tickets for everyone in your group expands your chances no end, just ensure communication is clear with a group chat that contains everyone’s registration details and live updates if someone completes a transaction. Just keep the distracting chat to a minimum, it’s go time for a solid 30 minutes!


  1. Persevere

Someone must take the last ticket, right?! Why not you? Don’t get disheartened if you’re not through straightaway, it just takes one magical page refresh to change your situation. Social media will let you know when the ticket sale has sold out, so keep your head down until that moment. If it doesn’t work out this time then also remember there is a ticket re-sale in March/April, so all is not lost!


  1. Alternative options

As Glastonbury Festival grows each year more opportunities present themselves to gain entry in some capacity. Keep an eye on job advertisement boards such as Indeed or Festaff for either volunteer or paid work, this will often come with an event ticket, and you’ll gain fantastic life experience at the same time. Likewise, the title charity associated with Glastonbury Festival, Oxfam, open applications for volunteering in exchange for tickets. For full details on all potential jobs at Glastonbury Festival 2023 then check out the official site

We hope all that gives you some guidance on how to attend the coveted Glastonbury Festival 2023.

But what better way to attend than with the luxury and convenience of Ziggucamp? We’ve been operating since 2016 and every year we’ve offered fully refundable bookings (with no admin fees) if you don’t get a ticket in the October/November ticket sales, so why not secure your Glastonbury Festival 2023 glamping experience risk-free now?




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