7 Ways to Unlock Your Glastonbury Festival Ticket Potential

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Everyone knows that Glastonbury Festival tickets are like gold dust and sell out quick. All 135,000 standard tickets for Glastonbury 2016 sold out in just 30 minutes. Thats why we are sharing our 7 ways to unlock your Glastonbury Festival ticket potential.

1. Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail!

You may think this is just some redundant saying your Mum and Dad used to have up their sleeve before entering into a lecture about the importance of knuckling down to revise for your GCSE’s. Well it’s not…this is Glastonbury Festival 2017 and preparing well will undoubtably give you an edge over the competition.

2. Take a night in on the chin!

Tickets go on sale this year at 9am on Sunday 9th October, it’s like they want you to go out the night before and miss it!  Don’t fall into this common trap:

‘I’ll just go out for a couple…’

’I’ll set my alarm…’

You won’t just have a couple and you will put your alarm on snooze at least 3 times! The chances are that you won’t get Glastonbury tickets so save yourself some time step aside and let the grownups through!

For those of you with the ability to tolerate a night in watching the X Factor and Strictly, take a moment to smile smugly as your reward is very close.  You have made time in the morning to wake up, grab a coffee, find your debit/credit card and registration numbers and hit your computer when it forces you to do a windows update that you put off yesterday!  Your 5 mates that are in your ‘Glasto Ticket Yay’ whatsapp group all went out and are relying on you to be the hero!

3. Obey the Rules of Technology

You don’t have to be on level 19 of Pokemon Go to get up to speed with the technology requirements for getting a Glastonbury Festival ticket.  There are however a few key points to be aware of which even the Glastonbury Festival website suggest.

  • Have Glastonbury Seetickets saved as a favourite on your browser. If you’ve been living under a rock; you need to register here first in advance of the October sale.
  • It’s often mentioned that you should only have one open tab in your browser to avoid any conflict. OH GREAT! I only have one laptop but John and his mates down the pub have 5 each, I’ve got no chance!  Fear not there is a way around this; Try and use more web browsers as these shouldn’t conflict.  For me Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox were my browsers of choice in 2015.  I manage to get through twice getting a total of 11 tickets!  Greedy? Smug? Yes I was!
  • Locate the F5 key on your keyboard and practice hitting it A LOT! For goodness sake wait for the page to load to see if you got through to the holy grail before you refresh the page again though!  The page will automatically refresh without doing anything every 20 seconds but if you ask me; if you’re fast you could refresh at least twice as quick as this by doing it manually.  The sale only lasted 26 minutes in 2016 so there’s plenty of time to dunk your bacon sandwich into your tea after half 9!
  • If your internet goes down don’t cry yourself back to bed or give up. Think outside the box, have you got an iPhone?  Teather the 4G connection to your laptop it works just like a regular WiFi connection.

4. Do the Math..s

Here are some important numbers you need to know.

How many people are in your group trying to get tickets?

What are their registration numbers and details?

How many devices do you each have to try on? If someone has 10 and someone else has 1, divide and conquer.

If you have 6 people in your group do you ALL have available funds to pay for 6 ticket deposits?  If not make sure the Joey of the group has access to someone’s debit or credit card with the readies to pay, otherwise cut the deadwood.  You have to ask yourself is this person a true friend if they can’t help you get a ticket?

5. Resilience and strategy

If you aren’t lucky enough to be an ‘October Chosen One’ and you really do want to go to Glastonbury Festival 2017, keep your chin up and go again in April!

6. Don’t be an April Fool – Be sure to ‘RE-GROUP’

When I say re-group you may physically have to; during the resale the amount of tickets that could be purchased dropped from 6 to 4 in April 2016 so you may literally have to make some tough calls if you do have a group of 6 of you in a group.

7. Charity begins at home

Start asking about in festival forums, look for charity work opportunities as there are lots of them about.  Try Oxfam and Wateraid .  Needless to say this ensures everybody wins.  You get to have all the fun at Glastonbury Festival with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, knowing that you’ve done something good for someone else too.

That concludes our 7 ways of securing your ticket for Glastonbury Festival. Good luck with securing your tickets and we look forward to seeing you at the festival! If you are looking for a luxury glamping experience during your stay at Glastonbury Festival then check out what we have to offer.

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